BEAT INSTRUMENTAL (NT Records) are receiving orders as Beat Instrumental upon request. If you need the quality, emotion and sophistication for your music products, order us. If you need any old or new song, order us. Don't be shy if you just have the phone recording or the paper of lyric only. We can make it become a great song for you.


Everyone can come to record your voice or instrument directly at NT Records ( a division of Nhạc Thánh Group ) Studio will fix the pitch, smooth tweaks and handle the mistakes in the recording. Also, if you are able to record yourself at home and you want your recording to be more beautiful, you can also send your voice files to the Studio to fix. We will guide you to do. If you need us to arrange for you the singer who can sing your song, let us know. We will do it for you. We have more than 10 talents in the group, and also we can connect to any singer that you want to record your song. Let us do it for the best song of yours.


In parallel with making beat instrumental versions, we are receiving orders to make perfect music videos from A to Z including instrumental, vocal recording, video recording, video editing and video promotion on youtube and facebook. We also make many kind of Music video if you already have a audio and want us to do the MV for you. We have the big crew to support you. Or if you can't afford to make a music video for it, you can ask us to make a lyrics video for you. You will have a beautiful and aesthetic lyrics video to upload to your music channels. And also if you have any audio file that you want us to do the Lyric Video, send us the file and we will make it for you.


We are receiving orders as background music making for videos, advertisements, movies.. Music matching content will push messages and values of the video to the highest.. You will really find what you need, order us.


Everyone can become a composor. You write the meaningful poem and you want us to make the melody for that poem, we can do that. You make a beautiful quoites or lyric, all you need is send us the paper. We will make it to the complete song. Or if you have any idea / subject that you want to make a song. Order us, we have many wonderful song writer to support your idea. You and us sharing the work together.


If you like some new sheet, new karaoke version or you want to know how to play that/this song. You can order us a detailed, the sheet music with very high quality will support your band, your church to play. The Karaoke version is easy to sing along. and the Tutorial video is intuitive and easy-to-understand tutorial video just for you.


These will be community projects, collaborations, sharing.. that will sponsor to make music products. If you have good ideas or want to make a music product together, order us. or you can send us the song of yours, we support you to publish your products.