About Us

Welcome to our website. In this site, you can listen to music with playlists of new and old songs, and selected Vietnamese worship songs. Through this site, you can join us in worshiping God.

This is where new sample songs will be published/posted, including worship videos and songs by Christian singers and Christian producers. This is the place where you can find newly produced Christian songs with high qualities, and the music can be purchased at a very reasonable price to cover the cost and support the ministry. We have a variety of beats, soundtracks, karaoke songs, music sheets and chords available that you may love to use for your personal or church needs.

We also receive order to produce any music, audio, MP3, soundtrack, karaoke, sheet music, beat, music, video for any song that you would like. Please contact us for any request.

We need to empower a generation of Christian worshipers for Viet Nam; a team of worship music producers, providing a variety of new and old music with high quality to serve and meet the needs of providing Vietnamese worship songs.

Please join with us in listening, singing and sharing the website to many. Please support us by purchasing the materials or donating into our fund to help produce more Vietnamese Christian music. Please also pray for us and provide us with any recommendations to enhance this ministry. Thank you very much!